Studio XII



Art is found everywhere, but artists with unique style and persona are hard to find. Over the past few weeks we have had many talented artists come in and out of our building and come to find out, some of the best are in the building next to StudioXII. Marcus Muse is the creator of the Muse Art and Tattoo shop and is passionate about the art that is created in his shop. Muse Art and Tattoo was established in January of 2013 and is home for some of the youngest talent in OKC. If you haven't checked them out, I suggest you do a little bit of research on this little piece of mastery.

This past weekend, Muse hosted his tattoo party at our studio and the outcome was better than expected. The event started at 2PM and lasted until 2AM in which people could pay to have Muse and his artists give people tattoos, but not just that - people came and mingled, the DJ had people dancing and the atmosphere was live. Special guests Perry Jones, Vernon Deas, and Kalif Gallego were the judges of the best tattoo contest with different categories and the top 4 winners each received a one-of-a-kind, hand painted skateboard decks which reflected the winner of each category.

Sabah Khan