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Video is the magic elixer to get your

business noticed!


Looking for a way to better explain a complicated process? Wondering how to keep website visitors interested? A well done video can make a boring subject exciting and complex material easy to understand.


If you are a small business, videos can help you compete with larger companies by delivering your message in a professional and effective manner. A motion graphic video on your website is a cost effective way to promote your product and services to a large audience

We have all the latest software and technology at our fingertips to transform your company's messages into dynamic video that captures the attention of its audience. Complex ideas will be broken down into easy to understand explainer videos so the viewer knows exactly how your service can help them.


Custom videos

If our video packages don’t fit your needs, we can create a custom package just for you. We can use a combination of things supplied by you, such as your company’s logo, photos and video as well as computer generated graphics, professional voice-over, sound effects and music.

Start by telling us the message you want to convey, the intended audience and how you want to use the finished video. We’ll help you develop your idea and can even write the script, if needed.

The cost of custom videos can vary widely as it all depends on the amount of time needed to create and edit the video as well as the length of the finished piece. We’ll do our best to give you an estimate range and keep you updated throughout the process so you won’t be surprised at the end

Motion Graphics videos

More fast-paced and entertaining than an explainer video, you can think of them like a movie preview where you want to get the audience excited about something. As such, a motion graphics video is used more for promotional purposes, such as introducing a new product or service.

Since the message of these videos is simpler, they are shorter in length (60 seconds or less) which makes them perfect for your website. A combination of computer-generated graphics, photos, voice-over, music and sound effects is used to capture the audience’s attention and keep them on your website longer.

Explainer videos

This informational-type video is perfect for explaining a complex service or process so the audience can easily understand it. By turning the information into a story, people relate to it better and realize how it can solve their problem. A combination of motion graphics, photos, voice-overs and sound effects is used to reach the audience on multiple levels to make it entertaining as well as educational.

Because the subject manner is more complex, these videos tend to be longer in length so they can be anywhere from 90 seconds to several minutes. The more complicated the service or process, the longer it takes to explain it.

Explainer videos can be used in your company’s sales presentation to spell out your unique service or product to prospective customers or used in-house to explain step-by-step processes to employees. Either way it delivers your message consistently every time.

Stage 1: Planning

Consists of planning session, script writing/review, story boarding, meetings and asset collection.

Stage 2: Video Creation

Consists of video editing, music, sound effects, titling, graphics, special effects, 3D Logo creation/animation. For complete descriptions, see our video production area.

Stage 3: Deployment and Beyond

Video rendering, compression and uploading

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